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Digital Transformation & Advanced services for Cloud Providers

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Digital Transformation has sped up – don’t get your business being chased away 

Expanding digital services answer more dynamic, faster-growing, and better-performing organizations. As a result, digitalization has a crucial role in strengthening a market position, both globally and locally.

Transformation requires knowledge about cloud computing, software to provide suitable solutions and consolidate the infrastructure. All those needs lead to the ability of the design to think about new architectural solutions.   

Digital transformation is about evolving by rethinking and redesigning your business.

Advanced services for Cloud Providers

Whether your organization operates in a hybrid, private, or cloud-native infrastructure model, we are well prepared to deliver services on every level of operation.

We are ready to help Cloud Providers expand the portfolio and build new services by providing end-to-end solutions from design through implementation to the operationalization of the business part. To ensure the highest quality of service, we support Cloud Providers in the automation of business processes by:

  • starting resources, client activation, creating billing statements,
  • and provide customer-friendly functionalities as:
  • VM templates, environmental statistics, and monitoring.

Briefly speaking, all on one plate.

AppLauchpad – Marketplace
VCD resource activation without IT involvement
Object Storage as a Service
VDI as a Service
Spot instances
The AppLaunchpad service is a response to the market need for Platform as a Service. The end customer can implement about 200 templates with a preconfigured operating system and the indicated application from a dedicated “menu” (MarketPlace). We offer the implementation of this functionality via Bitnami to make it available from the vCloud Director level for the end customer. This functionality does not require the Service Provider team to manage and update the images.We have not met the IT department yet, in which, when asked: what is the biggest organizational problem? There is no answer: no hands to work. To meet the expectations, we build a set of workflows that improve (automate) the process of activating resources for the client. By relieving the IT department, the sales representative (without platform administrator rights) during a meeting with the customer can immediately launch demo or production resources for him. The entire process is carried out via the vCD portal, which simplifies use as much as possible. In addition to the workflow dedicated to the Service Provider, we also build a dedicated workflow for the client’s needs, so that the vCD portal is one place for managing the environment and contact with the service provider.Low-cost object storage initiated by Amazon’s S3 becomes a “must-have” in the menu of everyone who wants to count on the Cloud Provider market. Technologically it is possible to use solutions such as Claudian, Dell, or even the Amazon S3, in the “backend”.
We offer the construction of the Desktop as a Service solution, which has become very important during the pandemic period. Most often, this solution is based on VMware Horizon or Citrix technology. Increase the security of data from clients’ computers scattered around the home office by centralizing data in a certified Data Center and providing the VDI service.
NSX-V will hit EoL at the end of January 2022. Migration to VMware NSX-T Data Center (NSX-T) is top of mind for customers who are on NSX for vSphere (NSX-V). Broadly speaking, there are two main methods to migrate from NSX for vSphere to NSX-T Data Center: In Parallel Migration and In-Place Migration. This blog post is a high-level overview of the above two approaches to migration.The age-old question of C-level people in the company: what can we do to increase revenues? And how about implementing a low-cost resource service with a zero guarantee to better dispose of your current environment? We offer the implementation of the spot instances service, which is guided by two assumptions: cheap and with a zero guarantee. Better 5 EUR than 0 EUR.