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Let’s design an intelligent reality in a smart city

Cities should work for their citizens by becoming better versions of themselves every passing day. Decoding the specific reasons which make a city attractive for living in, we can point such as:

  • digitalization,
  • big data-based solutions,
  • artificial intelligence in everyday living
  • IoT devices supporting urban life.  

A smart city is a city of digital transformation era

Infrastructure solutions and advanced services are tools to accelerate integrating technology into such areas as education, health facilities, sustainability, public transport, and cultural and urbanistic matters. These all make an urban tissue more livable, enhance citizens’ quality of life, and become efficient tools to resolve global urban challenges.

What do you say about roads recharging vehicles during the drive or combining location services and CCTV technologies for providing safety for your family and relatives? How about high-tech streetlamps reducing energy use and providing residents with wireless internet access?

These are solutions straight from such metropolises as Dubai, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, or New York, to name a few. 

That’s not science-fiction any longer!